Duquesne Light EV 101


What is an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

What types of electric vehicles are available?

Can electric vehicles drive far enough to be practical?

Is the quiet nature of EVs a hazard?

Are EVs dependable?

What maintenance do EVs require?

EVs are more expensive up front, but are they cheaper to own in the long run?

Are there any environmental gains if we just switch from petroleum to electricity to power our cars?


How long does it take to charge? How would I charge my EV at home?

How can I get charging stations installed at my condo or apartment building?

How would I charge my electric car on the go?

How much does it cost to charge my electric car? How does this compare with gasoline?

Does Duquesne Light offer a time of use rate, or a special price to charge an EV?

How does charging at home compare to other common household appliances?

Learn More

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities
Local non-profit working to reduce petroleum use in transportation.

Drive Electric Pennsylvania Coalition
Statewide coalition that formed to develop and execute the Pennsylvania EV Roadmap.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection AFIG Program
State government website describing alternative fuel vehicle incentive grant program.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Driving PA Forward Program
State government website describing $118.5M emission-reduction grant and rebate program.

Plug In America
National non-profit focused on EV education and outreach.

U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center
Federal government website that provides information and tools to help reduce the use of petroleum.